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POLARITY THERAPY - where Energy meets Structure and Function


By Phil Young PTP

Published Feb 1st 2017

In this extensive revision and expansion of the book, the Art of Polarity Therapy - A Practitioner’s Perspective, the author has added to the theory behind each bodywork session and provided a much-needed expert perspective on the aspect of Polarity Therapy known as Structural Balancing.

Polarity’s roots in Osteopathy and Chiropractic are nowhere more evident than in the structural work that Dr. Randolph Stone included in his system of healing. Polarity’s structural work is uniquely effective due to the added component of energetic interaction. The author reviews the history of manual medicine and the importance of always addressing the parts in relation to the whole, and introduces new perspectives to Stone’s original work by exploring structure as identity, relationship and history.

This new edition is of immense value to all Polarity Therapists who seek a deeper understanding of the relationship of energy, structure and function.


Quinta-Essentia - The Five Elements


An easy to read, insightful book outlining the ways in which the five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth manifest in our lives.

It gives clear insights into the workings of these energies in our bodies, minds, life styles and communication patterns and illustrating how imbalances in these vital essences can cause physical and emotional problems. Suitable for therapist and layperson alike. 
130 pages




By Alan Siegel ND with additional material by Phil Young

This extensively illustrated, descriptive manual gives detailed instructions on how to perform many treatment sessions from the healing art of Polarity Therapy. Polarity works on the principle of a pervading life force that flows through us all. Bad habits, poor diet, stress, increased technology and the many pressures of moderrn living interfere with the flow of this energy.

Polarity seeks to re-establish that flow bringing increased vitality and good health. Alan Seigel was involved in health care for most of his life and was a clear and enthusiastic teacher of Polarity. This book reflects his approach and that of of his colleague Phil Young. 


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